Owen Thomas Cox

Polymath Extraordinaire 

Greetings prospective employers. I built this page so you can get to know me better. 

My objective is to create value for growing companies. 




I’ve assembled a list of skills to convey more detail about my professional experience and capabilities.

Business | Management

I have a big picture view of what the hell is actually going on. I have clairvoyance and I’ve been through a lot. I generally understand what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, what everyone else is doing, why they are doing it. I can relate to just about everyone and I’ve worn a lot of hats in multiple industries. I’ve made tons of mistakes and my goal is to make less mistakes over time. I do my best to create value at work every day and I encourage others to do the same. I work with a purpose and there’s no situation that’s not figure-out-able.

Technology | Web Design | WordPRess

I enjoy web design. WordPress is a great tool that I’m working to master in my spare time. I have an uncanny ability to learn new software. My goal in web design is to implement my skills in service for others, and utilize my skills for independent small business projects. 

Industrial | Technical | Mechanical

For one reason or another I’ve been in a lot of technical roles and have worked as a technician in multiple fields. From construction and labor to electronics and soldering I’ve exposed myself to many trades. 

Maintenance | Property Preservation

For many years I have been taking care of other peoples property, facilities, real estate, equipment and  businesses. I’ve done  a lot of labor over the years. Hence the independent learning, professional development and rapid career changes. 


Remote Availability

Actively working to become a digital nomad. Remote work is ideal for me. I have lots of motivation to work around the clock if the work is available to me.

Willing To Relocate

Anywhere in the USA. I am a single, self sustaining, minimalist individual. 

16 Years Experience

Work Experience 2006 – Present

Independent Experience

Handyman | Freelancer | Subcontractor | Consultant | Entrapreneur

Independent Learning

Community College Courses | Web Development Projects | Business Projects | Reading