About Me

I created an express version of my resume for my online job search. You can download it here.

My Strengths

Sense Of Ownership

Muti-Industry Knowledge

Management Experience

Growth Mindset

Independent Studies

I take independent learning pretty seriously. I tend to take on project that I find interesting, then I proceed to learn everything I need to know to make it happen. I like to apply learning to real world projects. 




I began my career at a young age when I was adopted by my grandparents and moved away to a very small town in Pennsylvania.

This 1868 old fashioned country general store was a business downstairs, our primary residence upstairs and one of the only businesses for  20 miles in any direction. We sold everything and our slogan was “if we don’t have it you don’t need it”.

This business was a deli, grocery store, hunting and fishing license issuer, sports and outdoors shop, hardware store, town center, breakfast joint and information booth. We sold everything including but not limited to;all short order food a la carte, drywall screws and hardware, furnace nozels, plumbing supplies, tap and die kits, ammunition, fishing hooks, muck boots, news papers, canned food, frozen food, hot coffee and chewing tobacco.

We supported local jobs, people relied on us and I learned more here than words can describe. We worked long hours and sacrificed for others.

I was there to program the hunting and fishing license machine (which operated over dial up internet) when we switched over from carbon hand – written licenses to the digital system.

Here I started learning a little bit about everything and developed my baseline understanding of customer service, retail, b2b, merchandising etc. I wore a lot of hats helping run this business over the years and it’s where I developed a true sense of ownership. 


I received my GED in 2008 a few years shy of my intended graduation date.

I’ve since taken a few courses at community college:

-English Composition 101


-Spannish 101

-Phsychology 101

-American History I

-American History II

My Skills

Variety Of Skills

I have a variety of skills from numerous industries because, for many years I needed to figure things out quickly and adapt to change.


My mindset is what sets me appart from my peers. I have the ability to learn and master a multitude of products, services, procedures and tasks because my mindet is tuned to the big picture frequencies.

Reading List

Reading is part of my independent learning strategy

I find reading is a great way to advance one’s knowledge in a particular field.

Audio books are my thing

I discovered a love for audio books a few years ago. I absorb information very well trhough an audio program and I enjoy re listening. Some of the books on this list I have  listened to several times over.


Whenerver I get the opportunity, I am listening to an audio program. It allows me to multi task and I find it theraputic when flying solo. Highly reccomend.