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Last Updated 03/22/2021


Protecting your personal information is our priority. This statement of privacy refers to, Owen’s Web Services, and its users and governs the data exchange between these entities. For the purposes of this policy and Owen’s Web Services will be referred to as;, Owen’s Web Services, We, I, The Website, This Website, This Site, Service or Services and will include Owen T Cox (owner and sole proprietor of Owen’s Web Services). The users of this site will be referred to in this policy as; You, The User, Users, Writers, Readers, Subscribers or Participants. By using this site you consent to the statements in this policy and the Terms of Service Policy.

Data Collection

We only collect data that is voluntarily submitted to However, you may be required to provide certain personal information in order to use some services or features of this site. These services or features may include but are not limited to ; registering for a personal account, subscribing to a mailing list, joining a contest or sweepstakes, writing a post, gaining paid access, interacting with third party entities, making a purchase, leaving a comment or using any other services or features on this website.

Data Collected

We may collect any of the following information, so long as it is provided through one of the forms on this site or submitted voluntarily:

  • Names of users, entities or organizations
  • Email Addresses
  • Physical Addresses
  • IP Addresses
  • Browser Data
  • Social Media Profile Information (if used to log in or check out)
  • Phone numbers or other contact info
  • Financial Information


This site may utilize cookies. Cookies are software arrangements that are provided by third party marketing and advertising entities as well as third party service providers in some instances, and analytics tracking software. We utilize cookies to collect aggregated data about our users so that we can advertise more effectively in cooperation with third party entities, better understand our audience and provide improved services and products.

Use of Personal Information

We use personal information in order to provide users with personalized experiences when requested. Data may be utilized to provide you with service or to learn more about our users and how we can better serve them. We may also use personal information to inform you of products, services, or features available from and its affiliates. We use personal information during financial transactions and for shipping purposes when users make a purchase in our online store.

Sharing Information and Third Party Entities does not sell, rent or lease users’ information to other entities. However we may contact you on behalf of third party entities. Additionally, may share information with trusted partners for the purposes of market research and statistical analysis. Third party entities are prohibited from using this information for purposes other than assisting Owen’s Web Services with their services and they are required to maintain confidentiality regarding your information.


In order to be an active participant of this site and exchange information (register, post, subscribe, comment or other interactions) you must also consent to the statements listed in our Terms of Service policy. This can be found at:

We may disclose your information if required by law or requested by legal authorities.

Data Protection

While has security systems in place to protect its users’ privacy, users are advised to take effective measures to protect their own personal data at all times using the internet. Create strong passwords, and be careful where you release this data. Remember: it is ultimately your responsibility to protect your personal information. is built using modern tools widely available and in use across the world online. Although we are doing our very best to utilize the most up-to-date tools and precautions to protect your data, we still have to rely on third party software and frameworks to provide our products and services effectively. Therefore this site is not responsible for data that may be lost or stolen from this website before during or after transmission to or from this website or third party service providers.

Data Removal

If you need to remove your data from you may contact the administrator listed at the bottom of this document by email and request that your data be removed. We are happy to remove, delete, and or deliver to you any data we have about you. We respect your privacy and your rights.


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